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Our partnership with BRecruit has been enjoyable and efficient. BRecruit’s consultants always communicate with us proactively and in a timely manner to ensure they can adjust the search methods to adapt to our changing requirements, and they will do their best to provide us with the right candidates on time. Some positions are difficult to complete, but they will fight alongside us to find the breakthrough point, and stick to the end until the assignment is completed.

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We have cooperated with BRecruit for several years. As one of our recruitment service providers, BRecruit has placed many qualified candidates in our organization. In the early stage of collaboration, BRecruit recruited mainly R&D staff for us. Now we are partnering with BRecruit on the recruitment of various different positions.

We are required to uphold strict standards for all candidates selected – BRecruit has been able to actively cooperate with us and take the initiative to seek better candidates who meet our requirements. They not only provide quality recruitment services, but also value-added services. We hope to maintain our partnership with BRecruit and continue developing together.

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We have built a long-term partnership with BRecruit.

BRecruit has provided us with good service all the time, including giving quick feedback and candidate recommendations, actively following up on interviews and facilitating the offer process. Even during tough cases, they have demonstrated their professionalism in searching for qualified candidates.

They continue to help us close many cases within the required timelines. Their quick feedback, professionalism, on-time case completions have left a lasting impression.

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One of China’s largest chemical supply management solution providers

As our recruitment service provider, BRecruit has helped our cloud computing platform project find plenty of qualified technical talent.

The speed, professionalism and principled responsibility of BRecruit’s recruitment consultants have left a deep impression. We will surely build a closer and stronger cooperative relationship with BRecruit in the future, especially given the exciting developments in our company over the long term.

from one of China’s largest chemical supply management solution providers

One of the worlds’ leading online marketplaces

We have a very pleasant and effective cooperation with BRecruit for more than a year, though our selection criteria is very strict, they’ve been working very hard and also delivered very positive results, successfully placed some critical roles for us.

Compared with other agencies, they are more people oriented, warm hearted, and more importantly, they know customers’ and candidates’ needs and can help both sides achieve their goals.

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Active Network

Amongst the many recruitment services provided to Active Network, BRecruit has the qualities other recruitment firms don’t. BRecruit impressed us with rapid response, precise positioning, and professional attitude. R&D center of Active Network in China witnessed the rapid development and not been affected during the process of talent search .With the business development of Active Network in China, we believe we will continue our close partnership.

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Merchants Landmark

BRecruit presents candidates fast with high quality reports. Unlike other companies, they don’t give you masses of candidates; instead they pinpoint targets for the best match. We like that they are very detailed and honest and will continue to work with them.

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Hong Kong Land

BRecruit has been dedicated in providing professional personnel services. Due to our high standards, our Recruitment Consultants often worked extra hours to find us suitable candidates. Our assignments are very complex, requiring extra time and cross-border search efforts. We hope to BRecruit will eventually become our long-term strategic partner.

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BRecruit makes great contributions of highly qualified candidate with both technical and professional ethics.

In the period of service with Wipro, BRecruit took a positive, good attitude, and has become our trusted partner. We hope to continue our cooperation with BRecruit, providing us with more high qualified talent.

from Wipro

Chengdu Yafei Dental Company

BRecruit is the only recruitment partner for Chengdu Yafei Dental Company. With its professional, thoughtful and meticulous service, BRecruit successfully recruited qualified senior managers for us.

By sourcing candidates based on background, achievements and cultural fit, BRecruitwas consistent to our requirements, and also provideed fast feedback, and in-depth tracking.

We look forward to future cooperation.

from Chengdu Yafei Dental Company

Novo Nordisk

We have been working with BRecruit for over 3 years, and now, BRecruit is not just any recruitment firm but  is considered to be our recruitment partner. They not only finds candidates with a suitable educational backgrounds and working experience, but also takes into account whether our company culture and business background will be compatible with the potential candidate. From our experience, it is reasonable thatBRecruit has the most partnerships amongst recruitment firms.

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  1. Exceptionally efficient. As Sephora was in the process of expansion, BRecruitassisted us by recruiting many qualified candidates in the minimal time we had.
  2. High sourcing skills. BRecruit makes great effort to understand our needs for potential candidates, therefore resulting in higher accuracy while sourcing and a more efficient interviewing process.
  3. Self-initiative. BRecruit consultants stay in close contact with both the client and candidates after each interview, acquiring feedback from both parties.
  4. Good sense of cooperation. Compared to other recruitment firms, BRecruit is more proactive in  making arrangements to help the progress of the assignment, presenting potential candidates for interviewing right away whenever available.

from Sephora

Zhong Nan Group

We thank BRecruit’s great contribution to our recruitment efforts for high to mid level positions, helping us fill 7 vacancies from dozens of candidates from 2011 to 2012. Five of these candidates have finally passed their probation, which is really a high success rate. The professional dedication of the Project Managers and Recruitment Consultants from BRecruit has greatly impressed us.

We are a listed private enterprise that is developing at a high speed. Actually, many candidates cannot fit into our company culture, so it’s not easy for BRecruit to help us recruit so many talents. Given the excellent communication skills and high level of work efficiency of BRecruit consultants, we have built a solid partnership.

from Zhong Nan Group

Control & Visualization Software Dalian R&D Center

As one of Rockwell Automation’s recruitment service vendors, BRecruit has provided us with very good candidates and helped us find quality employees over the past year. The positions at Rockwell Automation’s Dalian Campus have always been tough positions to fill from the technical aspect; however, BRecruit’s quick response and high quality candidates have really left us with a very deep impression.

We have collaborated very well and we look forward to a more effective partnership in the years to come.

from Control & Visualization Software Dalian R&D Center