I was impressed by their professionalism and high efficiency. Consultants at BRecruit are very reliable and they know well about the whole industry as well as their responsible positions.

From a CTO at Internet industry

The first meeting with BRecruit’s consultants was very comfortable. They didn’t persuade me to change my job immediately, instead they shared their experience with me about the changes in my industry and advice for my further development. Their sincerity and passion convinced me and I was willing to recommend my friends to them.

From a senior Marketing manager at a world-leading retail company

BRecruit’s consultants and I shared very comfortable conversation. Because I worked abroad, I could only talk with consultants in their spare time. Even that they still replied very quickly and patiently. Thanks a lot for their help during my transition time from abroad to home.

From a project manager at foreign finance company

BRecruit played a positive role as coordinator between HR and me, and delivered the ideas and demands of both sides. Their high-qualified service helped me get my preferred offer.

From a senior technical manager at a famous Automobile company

Communications with BRecruit were very pleasant. They are passionate and cautious with professional manners and knowledge.

From a senior R&D engineer at a world famous medical device company