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      Real Estate

      We have RE team in each BRecruit office, serving clients in commercial, industrial, high-end housing, tourism, retirement community areas. Our experienced consultants understand our clients’ recruitment needs, and place great emphasis on matching candidate personalities with the company. They carefully study our clients’ requirements and adjustments their recruitment and selection procedures to improve the overall effectiveness and quality of the hiring process. We guarantee candidate presentation within 5 days, and our talent matching rate is 80%. 


      Our Clients 


      Functions We Major in:

      • Project Development & Development Planning
      • Management of Investment and Financing & Assets
      • Design/Project Management
      • Investment & Marketing
      • Planning & Operations
      • Human Resources & Administration


      Placements on Average:


      Success Stories:

      • A renowned foreign-owned real estate company said we were “the highest quality headhunting service provider” they had ever worked with. They had such high praise for us because we were able to find them  top quality candidates for positions like Investment, Financing Director and Trade Merchant Inviting Director for multiple projects taking place in cities across China. We worked in key cities like Beijing, Guangzhou and Wuhan, and found a great number of competent candidates in shorter time than any other providers, matching our candidates to the company’s culture, and acting as an intermediary during salary negotiation.  
      • We found an outstanding deputy general manager for a hotel owned by a top 10 world-wide commercial real-estate enterprise. With understanding client's recruitment demands, we helped to bring many senior engineers, supervisors, and managers who specialize in architecture and project management on board for the company’s urban complex project within 2 months.
      • We have been engaging in long-term collaboration with a global top 100 company, finding talented individuals for key roles in several new projects. Working quickly, we were able to help to place engineering positions, finance positions, and project management roles – far surpassing our client’s personnel needs and contributing to client's on-going development.


      Client Testimonial:

      A large Real estate group

      BRecruit is dedicated to providing professional personnel services. Due to our high standards, their recruitment consultants often had to work extra hours to find suitable candidates. Our assignments are very complex and require extra time and cross-border search efforts. We hope BRecruit will become one of our long-term strategic partners.

      from a large Real estate group