With over 6 years of experience in Internet/ IT/Communications industries, BRecruit consultants serve their clients in areas where Internet expand its business, such as financial services, education, traveling and artificial intelligence etc..

Our consultants are not only experts in the recruitment process, but also acute observers of market trends – they possess in-depth knowledge of the professional requirements for sales, technical, and operational specialists, especially in “Internet +”, “Big data”, “Cloud” areas.


Our Clients:


Fuctions We Major in

•  Internet product management & operations
•  Project & products management
•  Business development
•  Sales & Marketing
•  Software/Hardware development
•  Implementation/Consulting Management

Placements on Average:


Success Stories:

  • We are the best business partner of one of the largest B2C online retailers in China. We were given this honor because we can not only meet their talent demands from different business lines but also quickly respond and build key talent teams for their new projects; meanwhile, we can aggregate our geographical diversity and accomplish together their recruitment targets in different regions. In 2016, this client proceeded a new project nationwide and needed lots of management talents from famous FMCG companies to manage this project in different areas. The candidates they preferred should not only perform excellent in their previous work but also have strong management skills to lead teams. Our consultants completed all their recruitment targets in only 43 days by active use of our accumulated talent resources, efficient information mapping capability and excellent team cooperation, and the quickest successful placement only took us 20 days. This result has earned us higher praise from our client.   
  • A global e-business enterprise listed us as its Top 3 recruitment service providers of talent. We have collaborated with its R&D center in Shanghai for the last few years. During this partnership, we searched and found candidates for several highly complex roles including technical experts and senior engineers, in addition to filling over 20 related roles each year. With our careful screening process, 80% of our candidates ended up with a satisfying offer and went on to earn the client’s loyalty and trust.
  • An Israeli IT company wanted to expand their business into China, and needed a software engineer. We communicated closely with the company’s HR department, integrating their talent level in China with the company’s culture, personal development, salary and benefits to produce multi-faceted solution that brought in the best possible candidates for their needs.
  • A leading global IT company was looking for IT talent for their Shenzhen branch; they needed someone who was not only an IT expert, but also fluent in Japanese and Korean. The company had encountered many difficulties in filling this role from the local talent pool, so when they came to us, we took a multi-regional tack to find them a suitable candidate. We liaised with our global offices in Japan and Korea for possible candidates, and quickly found a suitable candidate. In this way, we were also able to help the company fill key roles like engineers and project managers.


Client Testimonial:

The world’s largest online marketplace

Over the last year or so of working with BRecruit, we've built an enjoyable and effective working relationship. Although we have high standards for hiring, BRecruit was always proactive, and worked hard to move the projects forward; they really impressed us by finding excellent candidates for many of our key roles. Compared with other recruitment service providers, BRecruit has more of a human touch. They're very warm and more importantly, they're patient and they pay attention to both the needs of their clients and the candidates they recommend; they're always striving for a win-win solution.

from The world’s largest online marketplace