Industrial Manufacturing/AUTO

Each with an average of 8 years of experience in HVS (High Value Selection), BRecruit consultants have built an impressive portfolio of successfully recruitments of mid- to senior level talent for top manufacturing and industrial companies in China.

With the transformation in the industry, our talent pool is enriched by special talents from new energy, advanced materials, UAV, Internet of Vehicles etc. so as to respond quickly to our clients’ recruitment demands.


Our Clients


Functions We Major in:

•  Senior Management
•  Research & Development
•  Supply Chain Management
•  Quality Management
•  Strategic & Operation
•  Support function (HR, Finance, etc.)

Placements on Average:


Success Stories:

  • An industrial automation company had been searching for talent to fill key roles in group executives, China GM and branch managers etc. for over 6 months, but found little success after working with several recruitment service providers. When we received their requirements, we succeeded in finding suitable candidates within 5 days, and the client was 100% satisfied with our recommendation. We continue to meet the client’s additional recruitment needs in the following cooperation, helping them hire personnel in senior management, new technology R&D, quality control, supply chain, and HR, finance at managerial levels.
  • A global automation and power technology company was seeking an operation manager. With their exacting requirements, they were experiencing great difficulty in finding a suitable person for this role. They wanted someone with expertise in the industry and at least 15 years of experience in a Fortune 500 company. After we had a clear understanding, we engaged our resources and ended up presenting an outstanding candidate within a single month. After 4 rounds of interviews, salary negotiations were followed by an offer; not only did successfully drive a complex hire, we also helped an individual move forward with their career goals.
  • A renowned US-owned industrial sensors supplier needed a regional sales director. The client set a very high benchmark; their ideal candidate was someone who possessed consistent, professional experience in their industry and knowledge about their products. After in-depth market research into each of the client’s target areas, we provided them with a detailed analysis of the talent market along with an industry and enterprise sales strategy. We provided the client with well-researched advice on the direction of their search, helping to adjust their expectations to the most suitable candidate for the position in the end.


Client Testimonial:

A leading manufacturer of electrical connectors worldwide

We've worked with BRecruit for years and they have provided us with many candidates. Initially, BRecruit mostly helped us find suitable R&D personnel, but now they have become integral in seeking out all kinds of qualified staff. Though our hiring standards are quite high, BRecruit has never failed to be accommodating and proactive in their search – they've never let us down. They go above and beyond the basic duties of a headhunter, and provide us with many value-added services. We plan to stay with BRecruit for many years to come, growing and developing together.

from A leading manufacturer of electrical connectors worldwide