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      Our healthcare division provides trustworthy and reliable recruitment services, connecting the highest caliber healthcare professionals with our clients. We have built up relationships with numerous candidates across China and we provide services to well-known MNC, large and medium-scale private enterprises, and start-ups both for their regular employment and customized recruitment demand, such as recruit Chinese-American scientists, overseas talent acquisition across countries and regions etc. 


      Functions We Major in:

      • Production/ Technology R&D
      • Medical Science
      • Operations & Management
      • Sales & Marketing
      • Technical Support
      • Business Support
      • Professional Collaborator
      • Customer Service


      Placements on Average:


      Success Stories:

      • A famous US-owned medical equipment company established a new e-commerce sales channel at their Shanghai HQ, and they had an urgent demand for key management roles. We quickly seized client’s demand and placed a competent marketing director to help the client achieve better sales results and grow their brand, also promote their business performance in China market. 
      • A major medical and healthcare provider was establishing new business channels in the northeast of China. They sought us out for help in finding a regional business manager to take over channel management and integrate their distributors in the northeast. By placing right talents to this position, we not only helped the company to establish an organizational framework and improve sales performance in the northwest, but also hepled to improve the company’s overall sales performance in China.
      • We searched and placed  top technical personnel for a US-owned Fortune 500 medical device company’s Suzhou manufacturing center; candidates we recommended worked in engineering, quality control, and production in engineer and manager levels. The company found 70-80% of our candidates suitable for positions, and we placed an average of at least 20 positions every year. At the same time, we also provided finance personnel who is fluent in minority languages (Japanese, Korean, etc.) for the client.


      Client Testimonial:

      A US-owned Fortune 500 pharmacy enterprise

      We have been working with BRecruit for over 3 years. They have become more than just a recruitment firm, they have become a reliable partner to our organization. Not only do they deliver qualified candidates, they also consider our company culture during the selection process. Based on our experience, we believe BRecruit introduces the most relevant and enduring candidates of all other recruitment firms.

      A US-owned Fortune 500 pharmacy enterprise