Financial & Banking

We provide recruitment service for various large comprehensive group enterprises, listed companies and financial institutions like Internet Finance, banks, Securities, Financial Leasing, Funds and PE/VC, Insurance, etc., covering most key functions in the industry, among them, 80-80% are talents functioning in senior management, investment and financing, business management, marketing, product, risk management, compliance and credit.


Our Clients:


Functions We Major in:

  • Senior Management
  • Investment and Financing
  • Strategic Development
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Business Management
  • Back office management (Legal/Finance/Audit/Marketing/HR etc.)
  • Product Development


Placements on Average


Success Stories:

  • A listed enterprise under a comprehensive group needed to build up a Finance lease company in Beijing. We successfully fulfilled 11 core positions within 4 months, including 4 senior management talent (Business Deputy GM, CIO, CFO and Finance GM), 3 Directors (function in Capital, Risk Control, and Fund), 4 managers and associate managers (senior legal manager, Finance leasing associate manager, etc.). The enterprise listed us as its best HR service provider out of their 30+ vendors since we delivered most qualified talent with highest successful number.


Client Testimonial:

HR Manager of a listed financial holding group

BRecruit consultants are very supportive and professional. And they are willing to put additional effort to explore the talent market for us. They provide their Salary Watch to us to know better about the market, what surprised us most was: BRecruit recommended very good candidates in very short time, saved a lot of time for us, we got to know that BRecruit would interview candidates one by one before listing to us. We are so touched by BRecruit consultants’ accountability. I hope that you can keep on your professionalism and have more successful placement during our cooperation.

from HR Manager of a listed financial holding group